Social Influencer Seeding

Marketing and Content Platform

Since 2011, we coined the concept of social media and internet celebrity influencer partnerships as a means of "seeding" content. Our first campaign for Hewlett Packard in partnership with YouTube was a huge success, and helped launch an entire industry. Since then, we've been constantly working to find new, innovative ways to build better partnerships to seed content through social channels.

We're re-lanching in 2018; watch this space.


About Seeding

Seeding is a digital strategy and social marketing agency that was started by Grant Powell and is a part of the Pomegranate Network. The mission of Seeding is to add value to our client's marketing efforts by capitalizing on new media in ways that many other agencies are not capable of.

About Grant Powell

Grant is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur and digital media expert from Malibu, CA. Grant possesses a unique ability to combine creativity and art with logic, engineering and business savvy to conceptualize innovative approaches to new world business demands. Grant has over a decade of leadership and expertise in brand strategy, business development, enterprise website design and production, interactive production, database programming and application development.

Grant moved from a successful professional consulting career in digital media and technology (most notably for Google Inc) to founding Pomegranate in 2008 and fathering the concept of the "network agency" model - a new way of organizing talent and servicing enterprise companies with innovative brands.

About Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a network agency that specializes in organizing the world's best creative talent into a collaborative environment, and making that collaborative available to clients in a meaninful and valuable form. Learn more about Pomegranate at